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PHP/AJAX – Instant DB Query and Results

This tutorial will teach you how to use PHP and the XMLHttpRequest object [AJAX] to query a database for a value and display a result on the screen without having to refresh the page.

In this particular example, we’re doing a simple query in the style of Google(tm) – Checking for the availability of a username during account registration.
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Simple Link Tracking with PHP – Part I

This little tutorial will teach you how to create a simple out-going link tracker in PHP.

One of our clients had a rotating-advertisement script we had set him up with, and they decided they wanted to count the number of times each ad was clicked. Easy enough to do, but why just count clicks? There’s so much more information that would be beneficial to capture. Where was the user when the clicked on the ad? When? What browser were they using? In response to their request, I whipped up this little script. This script can be inserted just about anywhere you need to track out-going links.
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